Part One: Contextualisation

1. Language and Power: 1.1 Institutions, Ideology and Dominant Discourse


2. Language and Humour

2.1 Linguistics

2.2 Psychology

2.3 Sociology

3. Language and The Marx Brothers

3.1 Groucho

3 .2 Chico

3.3 Harpo

Part Two: Exemplification

4. The Discourse of Everyday Life: The Standard Language and Common Sense

4.1 A General Survey

4.2 The Standard Language and Common Sense Meet The Marx Brothers

5. The Discourse of Medicine

5.1 A General Model of the Doctor-Patient Encounter

5.2 The Model and The Marx Brothers

6. The Discourse of Law

6.1 A General Model

6.2 The Law and the Long Arms of The Marx Brothers



Pragmatics Humour