8.2 The Discussants

Goodwin (1986) video-recorded a conversation among a group of five friends during which one of them related a story of a fight he had witnessed the day before. Goodwin’s discussion centres on audience diversity, participation and interpretation in this multiparty activity, and from the wide variety of points he makes six are of help for the discussion here. These are:

· differential competence in a domain of discourse (p.288)
· assessing competence in the details of talk (p.290)
· non-engrossed recipients (p.293)
· heterogeneity of the audience (p.296)
· audience interpretation of the story (p.297)
· reconstituting the audience (p.306)

These points will be applied primarily to the five participants in the performance space, who, it was noted earlier, are an audience for one another as they each take turns at talk. Reference will also be made to the studio audience where necessary

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8.2 The Discussants

8.2.1 Different Competence In A Domain Of Discourse>

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